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3/4K are looking forward to another busy term of learning, collaborating and celebrating. With our excursion to Sydney in week 7, peer support commencing, dance program for fitness and some bright and innovative future focused furniture in classrooms, plus book week and Charlestown Cup in week 10, students are going to be engaged! Opening the doors and moving between Stage 2 classrooms for our maths program BUILDS will continue as students rotate through a range of independent and collaborative activities applying critical and creative thinking skills.

Below is an outline of the curriculum content Stage 2 will be covering this term and important days to remember for your child's class.


Rich Text Concept:  Intertextuality – Stage 2 students will understand that when one text draws on another composing and responding are enriched. They will be reading a range of rich texts that demonstrate ‘intertextuality'. Students will learn that:

  • stories may be changed for different situations
  •  some aspects of stories may be inserted into other stories
  • they can see their own story in terms of other stories.

Informative Writing: - Students in Stage 2 view, analyse, plan and compose texts for the purpose of informing (reporting and evaluating). They will examine language features of a range of informative text types, and use these features in their own writing, combining the features of the ‘Seven Steps to Writing Success'.

Spelling & Grammar – Jolly Phonics and curriculum support documents.


Number & Algebra

  • Applies place value to order, read and represent numbers of up to five digits.
  • Uses mental and informal written strategies for multiplication and division.
  • Uses mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction involving two-, three-, four- and five-digit numbers.
  • Generalises properties of odd and even numbers, generates number patterns, and completes simple number sentences by calculating missing values

Measurement & Geometry

  • Measures, records, compares and estimates volumes and capacities using litres, millilitres and cubic centimetres.
  • Measures, records, compares and estimates lengths, distances and perimeters in metres, centimetres and millimetres, and measures, compares and records temperatures
  • Manipulates, identifies and sketches two-dimensional shapes, including special quadrilaterals, and describes their features
  • Identifies, describes, compares and classifies angles.

Statistics and Probability

  • Describes and compares chance events in social and experimental contexts.

Working Mathematically

Students in Stage 2 will develop an understanding and fluency in mathematics through inquiry, exploring and connecting mathematical concepts, choosing and applying problem-solving skills and mathematical techniques and communication and reasoning.

Science Unit Topic: Space (Earth & Space)

Students will learn about our solar system, with a focus on the relationship between the sun, Earth and the moon. Students model the orbital and rotational movement of planets in our solar system and investigate how this movement of the Earth and the moon defines our years, seasons, days and nights. Students investigate gravity and explore how this force is different on the moon and other planets.

Futures Learning (taught by Miss Turner)

This term students will be learning about Digital Intelligence by discovering and improving their 'DQ' (Digital Intelligence Quotient) through various group and individual tasks and discussions so that they can use the internet and digital devices more safely, accurately, and efficiently. Following this, we will be designing private class blogs using websites that the students choose themselves using critical analysis of a number of options, and is designed completely by each class. The students will also be investigating binary - how to encode and decode it, and why it is used - as well as the inner workings of various digital systems, and even getting to program and play with some new robots and software!

Geography (taught by Mrs Rhodes) Unit Topic: Natural Environments

Students will explore the climate, natural vegetation and native animals of places in Australia and examine their importance to the environment, animals and people. Students will learn about the ways people value environments, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and ways to sustain them for future generations.


PD/H – Child Protection and Peer Support

PE – Fitness (Tuesday & Thursday), Sport (Friday) – skills/games


Performing Arts (Dance/Drama/Music) – classroom based Performing, Composing and Appreciating

Creative Arts – classroom based making and appreciating

Chrome Books/Lap tops

Students in Year 4 will continue to use chrome books as an integral part of their learning in the classroom and our technology program. Year 3 students will continue to have access to school laptops at various times through the week to support their learning. Google classroom is the main platform that will be used to organise student learning content.

Important days and dates to remember:

Monday- Library/Geography

Wednesday- Futures Learning

Thursday- Dance

Friday- Mrs Lapornik (Mrs Kurtz on Executive Release) and sport

August 8th & 9th - Zone Athletics

August 13th - 15th - Book Fair

August 15th – Book Parade/Cyber Owls Presentation

September 4th and 5th – Stage 2 Sydney Excursion

September 27th – Charlestown Cup

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