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Lambda KV Kindergarten 2018

Welcome to another exciting term in Kindergarten. My aim is to create a safe, secure and caring environment where my students are nurtured and challenged in a fun and adventurous learning style. We will laugh, sing, joke, relax and remember to enjoy our educational learning. There is so much to learn and we are all excited!


Literacy /English

We will be continuing the ‘Jolly Phonics' Program this term and developing phonemic awareness through rhyming, segmenting sounds and studying diagraphs. We will be learning about the concepts of print, developing our early reading skills and fundamental sentence structure. We will continue to write explicitly and will be experiencing and interacting with a wide range of quality literacy sources. Our focus is on encouraging great writing skills and the children are extending ideas. We will be concentrating on writing Information reports on Farm animals.

Our Literacy rotations runs from 9:20 to 10:10 and we always welcome parental helpers. We learn our weekly Jolly Phonics when we are enjoying our ‘Crunch and Sip." Literacy may include, familiar reading, sight word recognition, handwriting and spelling activities. In Speaking and Listening the children deliver their personal NEWS on the same day as last tem.

Numeracy /Mathematics

Mathematics will be taught explicitly through hands on activities, concrete materials and Targeted Early Numeracy games (TEN). We will be covering lots of strands of Maths including Whole number, Time, 2D/3D shapes, Data, Length, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division and Patterns and Algebra. The children love using Rainforest Maths and Mathletics to consolidate their learning.


This term our unit is ‘On the Move' is It is an engaging unit and involves investigation and experimentation. Children will be examining how lots of things move and the forces they can use such as sliding, bouncing and spinning.


This term Mrs Rhodes will cover the unit ‘Where we Live'. The class will develop an understanding of place, identity and belonging. They will explore their feelings about special places.

Creative and Practical Arts

This will include music, art, drama and dance. Every second week we attend an Infants Assembly where we learn songs, rhymes and prepare for whole school performances.

PE, PD, and Health

This term we will be participating in the Dance program. Our day is Mondays in the middle session. We will continue studying nutrition and lessons about making healthy life style choices. In PDH we will cover our mandatory Child Protection lessons and learning important knowledge. The Peer Support program will continue covering a variety of interesting lessons. Kindergarten enjoy this activity which is led by their buddies.

Every child is encouraged to return their home readers on a daily basis. This term we will revise more difficult sight words on a weekly basis and be assessing them on Fridays.

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Remember, if your ever have a query concerning the education of your child please don't hesitate in contacting me at school.

Yours in Learning,

Jan Vallin

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