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Welcome to 4/5G. A team that works and learns together!!

4/5G is made up of 29 amazing students who each bring their own sunshine to class each day.

Below is an outline of the curriculum content we will be covering this term.


Rich Text Concept:  Characterisation - Students in Stage 2 understand that characters are represented in such a way as to have motives for actions. They learn that characters:

·         may be judged by the reader, the other character constructs in the text, the narrator or the ‘author'

·         are constructed in a such a way as to invite an emotional reaction such as identification, empathy or antipathy

Imaginative Text Focus: Narrative - Students in Stage 2 understand that narratives may be interpreted in various ways. They learn that:

·         characters and events may be drawn differently for different purposes audiences, modes and media

·         stories may be interpreted through action, character and setting

·         stories present a view of the world.

Students will complete a novel study in class which will incorporate Seven Steps to Writing as well as Characterisation and Narrative.

Spelling & Grammar – Jolly Phonics and curriculum support documents.


Number & Algebra

·         Applies place value to order, read and represent numbers of up to five digits.

·         Uses mental and informal written strategies for multiplication and division.

·         Represents models and compares commonly used fractions and decimals.

Measurement & Geometry

·         Makes, compares, sketches and names three-dimensional objects, including prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres and describes their features

·         Reads and records time in one-minute intervals and converts between hours, minutes and seconds

·         Measures, records, compares and estimates areas using square centimetres and square metres.

Statistics and Probability

·         Selects appropriate methods to collect data, and constructs, compares, interprets and evaluates data displays, including tables, picture graphs and column graphs

·         Measures, records, compares and estimates lengths, distances and perimeters in metres, centimetres and millimetres, and measures, compares and records temperatures.

Working Mathematically

Students in Stage 2 will develop an understanding and fluency in mathematics through inquiry, exploring and connecting mathematical concepts, choosing and applying problem-solving skills and mathematical techniques and communication and reasoning.

Science (Taught by Mr Evan Finlay)

Unit Topic: Heating Up (Physical Sciences)

Heat is important to us in many ways in our everyday lives. The ‘Heating up' unit provides opportunities for students to investigate different heat sources and how heat moves from one object to another. Through hands-on activities, students investigate the difference in conductivity of materials, identify heat sources and conduct experiments to help forge their own theories, hypothesis and scientific reasoning. 

Geography: (Taught by Mrs Laura Rhodes)

Unit Topic: National Parks Case Study (The Earth's Environment). Students in Stage 2 will:

  • examine the importance of natural vegetation and natural resources to the environment, animals and people
  • learn about the ways people value environments, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • identify sustainable practices and recognise that there are differing views on how sustainability can be achieved.


PD/H – Safe Living (Sun, Road and Bike Safety)

PE – Fitness (Tuesday & Thursday), Sport (Friday) – skills/games


Performing Arts (Music) – classroom based Performing, Composing and Appreciating

Creative Arts – classroom based making and appreciating

I am looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and growing together.

Mrs Sarah Griffiths.

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