Redhead Public School

We prepare and educate our students for life!

Telephone02 4944 7215

Our Classes

Our teachers and classes

KV - Mrs Jan Vallin

KB - Mrs Lisa Budden and Mrs Catherine Rufford

K/1L - Mrs Salena Langholz and Mrs Nicole Lapornik

1S - Mrs Donna Schofield

1/2O - Mrs Melissa O'Donnell

2C - Mrs Lynne Church

3V - Miss Samantha Vaughan

3/4K - Mrs Amy Kurtz and Mrs Nicole Lapornik

4/5G - Mrs Sarah Griffiths

5/6H - Mr Malcolm Halbesma

5/6S - Mrs Angella Thomas and Mrs Clare Smith

Support Teachers - Mrs Jan Audet

Teacher Librarian - Mrs Laura Rhodes

Technology RFF - Miss Sarah Turner

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