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Early Stage 1



K Wilai - Mrs Lisa Budden

K Mowane - Miss Lexi McInnes

K-2 Assistant Principal- Miss Lexi McInnes




Reading is of such great value to children’s education and has so many flow-on effects. Research states that 'reading for 10 minutes a day significantly increases a child's attainment'. 

Home Readers can be sent home from school in your child’s plastic home reader folder/wallet or you may choose to read PM readers via Cengage PM online. We hope that all students will read at least 5 nights per week (10 minutes), although every night would be even better. The focus is on regular reading and not the amount (number of books) being read each time. Your child is welcome to read a range of different texts and is not limited to school readers. They may delve into library books, magazines, graphic novels, diaries, recipes books, letters, non-fiction and fiction texts. It's important your child has a degree of choice in what they read as this will boost their level of interest and engagement in reading.