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Learning Support

Learning and Support Teacher

As the Learning and Support Teacher (LaST) I have many roles in the school community. One is to assist with the identification and assessment of students to determine those who may need extra assistance. Another is to design or locate resources and implement them to support students and staff members. Finally, the collaboration with parents and carers, classroom teachers, the school counsellor, school executive and outside agencies is paramount to the smooth running of the support program.

Literacy and Numeracy are the main focus for support as those concepts and skills are required in most other aspects of education and in the world beyond school. Support may also be required with physical, social/emotional and behavioural issues. 

Remediation or enrichment may be undertaken according to identified needs. Needs may be flagged by parents and carers, classroom teachers or the school counsellor.

The ability to work with small groups of children at their point of need is the advantage of the LaST role.

Parents and carers are always welcome to discuss concerns or questions.

Jan Audet